Monday, February 2, 2009

Day One

It's day one of this world I am now living in... Home with the girls today, and it's weird. I am going to struggle with this "routine." Monday's I'll have both girls home with me all day. Tuesday's and Thursday's Maddy will go to school and to my MIL's like usual. Wednesday's I'll have them both home. Friday's my mom will still have them.

Good news though - it's my first day, and I've already arranged for two meetings/discussions. One with a guy from an agency based in Columbus - I have a lot of friends/connections down there from college, and they are interested in expanding their businesses in health care and banking... The other is with Brown Flynn. Both will be after I'm recovered from my surgery, but I'm feeling good that calls are coming in already. I am expecting a call from the Malachi House team probably tomorrow...

Anyhow, this is a strange and weird feeling for me. I had a talk with Maddy today to explain why she can't answer the phone, and why when mommy goes to talk on the phone in her closet, that means she needs to be extra quiet and be a big baby-sitter for Emma. She was really sweet about it and seemed to get that it was important that she help me :)

Oh well, Em just woke up from her nap. Gotta run.

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