Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tomorrow my family embarks on our 6th annual winter trip to Kalahari. There are 23 of us going. We fill two giant suites!! This trip is my grandparents' Christmas gift to us all, and we all really look forward to it every year. It's funny but the first year we went, Jerry and I were just married and we went on all the rides ourselves. Drank a lot. The next year, I was pregnant with Maddy. Ugh. Being there and feeling like a whale in a bathing suit kinda sucked. The next year was Maddy's first trip. She fell asleep in the lazy river on a tube with Jerry. The next year, I was pregnant with Emma. Again, whale feeling. Last year, Emma's first trip. She got sick there, but she tried to stay happy and enjoy it. Now, hopefully this year, we'll have two healthy girls there. Maddy is SUPER excited. Emma loves the water, so I'm sure she will also have a blast.

It's great because we all divided up food/drink stuff and everybody is bringing something. Should be a great time.

These 23 people... it's my mom's side of the family. My grandparents (they are 65 years old), my parents, the four of us, my brother's family (wife and two daughters), my single uncle, my other uncle's family (son, son's friend, girlfriend, girlfriend's daughter), my aunt's family (husband, three sons and one daughter). Crazy, crazy. Age range 65-9 months and everything in-between!

Gotta go finish packing! I'll post on Monday and let you know how it goes!

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