Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, tomorrow marks three weeks since the official HR meeting at Nat City. It's been an emotional roller coaster - surgery and recovery, and then facing reality. Here I sit, blogging as an unemployed PR pro. And what I have realized in these few weeks is exactly that - I am a public relations professional. Why is that important? Because as I read through job posting after job posting, there are times when I read marketing jobs and sales jobs and development jobs and think to myself, "I could do that." And I could. I know I could mold myself into those roles and do them well. However, those things are not my passions. They are not what I love to do and they are not what I devoted my college years to studying and mastering.

Thanks to my severance package, I have time to find something new and I need to do myself justice by not settling and not succumbing to fear and taking something that just isn't me. I LOVE working with the media. I'm good at it. I've had success that many PR pros dream about. I LOVE health care. I completely and with my whole self miss that work. Not necessarily the place, but the work. Telling stories. That's what I do.

Every time I hear that song "Rockstar" by Pink, I get all pumped up and think about how I am a rockstar. Now, I just need to find a company that is willing to let me perform on their stage.

I've been asked a lot lately about what I want to do - corporate or agency? My answer is either. It doesn't necessarily matter to me. What matters to me is that I'm valued and that the people are inspiring and comfortable. Most importantly, they need my expertise and it feels right in my gut.

These past few months have been excruciating for me. I'm used to being at the top, being a standout. Now, I feel like I'm starting all over again. And that's ok, because I've learned so many lessons and realized what really matters to me. I am a public relations professional and I will come out of this mess being a better one.

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