Friday, February 13, 2009


OK, so I went to the movies this afternoon with my friend Julie to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. We both read all the books and were prepared to take in the film version, but as we sat in the theater, we were just cracking up at our fellow attendees.

We got there early, scoped out good seats. You all know that getting good seats is easy, but good seats quickly become HORRIBLE seats as more people pop in and don't know good etiquette. When the theater is not full, there is no need to sit right next to, in front of, or even remotely really close to other people you don't know... well, we didn't get anyone TOO close, except for the woman who sat in front of us (not directly in front, but one seat over). It was so strange. She brought a pillow with her and put it behind her back. She was there alone and she sat bundled up in her coat the entire time. Then there were a two men (not together) who came to this complete chick flick ALONE. WEIRD. Then, there was the woman who was obviously not handicapped who sat in the handicapped seats AND she was wearing a bizarre sparkly red knit hat...? And, we cracked up at the poor sap guys who got dragged to this movie by the girlfriends who have them completely whipped. Hilarious.

This movie is a total nod to fashionistas/shopaholics everywhere, so there were a few women there who were dressed a little too appropriately for attending an afternoon matinee... yes, girl with the gold ballet slippers I mean you.

So, the afternoon movie experience was worth it - laughs are the best medicine, especially when you are depressed about your current employment status!

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