Friday, October 3, 2008

Traffic Fiasco

When I took this new job a month or so ago it meant re-joining the "downtown" work force and battling the commute nightmares every day. Things haven't been too bad - I was actually surprised at how easy the commute had been. UNTIL THIS WEEK. Stupid stupid inter-belt bridge inspection junk. Closing two lanes both ways AND closing all the on-ramps for the freeway that are remotely close to my office building!!! Ugh. I have been forced to adventure off on new routes I wasn't too sure about, but nonetheless made my way to and from work.

All of this recent traffic experience has had me reminiscing about my first ever job "downtown" and how freaked out about driving down here I had been - I wouldn't do it. I took the rapid every day because I was afraid of traffic. This seems so funny to me now, but I was young (20) and completely inexperienced at the whole work environment. I remember getting so mad when I didn't get to leave right at 5:00. Now, 5:00 is like a pipe dream! Ohhh... how times have changed. Traffic still sucks though - it doesn't scare me now, just pisses me off.

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