Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Bored... Can you tell?

So, I'll do a couple of tags I noticed recently... 7 fun facts about me & 6 secrets.

6 Secrets:
1. I do not eat any fruits or vegetables EVER. For real. No joke.
2. I pay my mom to clean my house.
3. I'm a Google junkie. I Google people I know all the time, just to see what comes up. It's a strange thing I do when I'm bored...
4. My husband and I sleep with separate blankets - I don't like to share blankets, so I have mine and he has his. We rarely make our bed (unless people are coming over) because we can't keep our blankets separated when we make it...
5. I hate to read books written by men or if the main character is a man. Call me sexist, whatever.
6. I have puked on planes, several times. I get monster bad motion sickness if I don't take Dramamine. And let me tell you that those stupid little bags are not big enough or strong enough. Yuck.

7 Facts:
1. I turn 30 in 2009.
2. My mom is my best friend.
3. My daughter, Maddy's entire persona is a direct extraction of me. Her looks, her expressions, her voice, her entire personality.... it's like looking in a mirror.
4. I am counting down the hours until Nov. 12th when Emma gets her cast off!
5. I am driving to Dayton for the day next Wednesday.
6. We are going to HSM 3 on Saturday at 11:50 at Crocker Park.
7. I will officially become Gabby's Godmother on Sunday!

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