Friday, October 31, 2008

Job Update/Happy Halloween

OK - so lots to tell.

Job Stuff:
  • I am NOT going back to my old job.
  • Had dinner/drinks for 3 hours with the old boss. Emotional cry fest for me.
  • I would end up right back in that frustrated place that drove me to leave to begin with.
  • There is an amazing position open at another children's hospital that I am working hard to get - working connections, reaching out, praying like crazy!
  • Things here at the bank will move slowly for a while, so I've got some time.
  • Feeling better. More confident.

Happy Halloween! (I will post pictures this weekend)

  • Maddy is Hannah Montana.
  • Emma is Minnie Mouse.
  • They are both adorable in their costumes.
  • We went trick-or-treating last night at my mom's and are going again tonight in Medina.
  • Maddy was a nightmare - crying and shy and wanting no part of going up to people's houses.
  • Emma LOVED it! Running (even with her cast) up to people, getting candy, laughing and smiling and waving to everyone! So cute!
  • Gabby went too. She was this cute little pink flower!

We have a busy weekend. More trick-or-treating tonight, party tomorrow with family and then I have a stamping party on Sunday while Jer takes Maddy to the circus and Em stays with my mom! Crazy busy. I'm exhausted already.


macandcheesehead said...

hang in there and make sure you post Halloween pics!

meg said...

there's something better for you! just believe in that - and know that you aren't the general manager of the universe... it's been helping me a lot right now! hugs! can't wait to see some halloween pics!