Friday, October 24, 2008

Interesting Day

Well, today is not such a good day at work. We announced that we are being acquired by another bank. Bottom line: Lots of people in Cleveland will be losing jobs, including me. While they haven't officially announced the cuts, it's obvious. They will eliminate our headquarters though, which means "corporate support" stuff - like me - will go away. I've already reached out to the old boss... maybe I can just go back to the hospital as if I had been on an extended vacation? :)

We'll see what happens. Everything happens for a reason, and I know no matter what that I will land on my feet. This experience has only made me stronger.


meg said...

we feel your pain here in cbus! hugs and kisses to get you through this crappy time - here's hoping you're heading back to uh!

call if you need to chat!


FlipFlopGirl said...

I wanted to call you all day on Friday as you were my first thought when I heard. I kinda figured you had your hands full. I'm thinking good thoughts for you! If you get time and want or need to chat, call me up. :)