Monday, October 6, 2008


Today is a blah day. It definitely feels like Monday. I am mad at Jerry for his stupidity yesterday - details I do not need to divulge, just typical man crap. I am also mad at myself, because while I normally am on top of EVERYTHING in my planner, I made a mistake with Emma's well visit appointment which has forced me to request to work from home tomorrow. I thought I had scheduled her appointment for the 11th (Saturday) when I actually scheduled it for tomorrow (the 7th) at 10:00 a.m. ANNOYING. She has to get shots, so I want to be there myself. I know Jer is going to suggest that his mom take her, but I am adamantly against that.

Anyhow, I am just blah today. Have my . Blah. CRANKY day.

On a happy note, I did have a fun weekend with the girls. Went to the drive-in on Friday to see the Chiuaua(sp?) movie. Cute. On Saturday, we went shopping and to lunch with my grandma and Maddy asked her to spend the night, so she did. We made homemade pizza for dinner, which Maddy loves to do. Yesterday, I made homemade wedding soup (damn those stupid little meatballs that take FOREVER to make!). I baby-sat my niece yesterday. Gabby. Oh, speaking of little Gabs, my brother asked me to be her godmother. That makes me feel really honored. She's so cute!

Oh well, I'm going to go get on with my blah day. Hope you are having a better Monday than me!

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Megan said...

yay! a mandy blog!!! i'm a follower now! xo