Monday, October 20, 2008


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year - for a lot of reasons. It's more than the leaves changing color. It's more than the crisp wind blowing my hair while the sun gloriously shines...

It's football season, and many of my most favorite memories with Jerry revolve around either him playing high school or college football. It's the perfect soup-feeling weather, and my love for making good soup. It's the pumpkin patch and Halloween. It's sweatshirts and sweaters. It's cozy, curl up with a blanket and a good book nights. It's baseball post-season - Jerry and I really like watching the close, down-to-the-wire games.

There are a few falls from the past that really stand out in my mind.
- the fall we spent in our crappy little apartment before we were married. I was in grad school and spent many mornings running (when I was like a size 2 and still losing weight for the wedding).
- the fall we moved into our new house after we got married. We were so proud to have built our first home.
- the fall I started my job at UH... The Ritz Carlton Pumpkin Parade, trick-or-treat for the patients.
- the fall I was pregnant with Emma and went into this crazy cooking frenzy and wanted to cook large meals for my entire extended family every weekend.
- and now this fall. Maddy was the flower girl. Emma broke her foot.

OH, and Sweetest Day. Sweetest Day has always been a great holiday for Jer and I. Again, it was always during football season, which meant plans were always mapped out well in advance. In college, I always came to that game, wherever it was. I remember most years it ended up being at home in Canton. I remember so many great things about our little Sweetest Day adventures, and this year was no different. My hubby, who was amazing to me and our girls this weekend, bought me a REAL Coach purse for Sweetest Day and a matching change purse!!!!!! He also took the girls and I for a stroll through Crocker Park, which was so sweet on Saturday because the girls were snuggled with blankets in their wagon and it was a beautiful day. Then we all went to lunch together and had a great afternoon as a family before heading to a big "hayride" that night.

I'm feeling nostalgic and blessed today. :)

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