Wednesday, October 8, 2008

18 Months Old

My baby Emma is 18 months old already! I cannot believe it. I took her for her check-up/shots yesterday, and it just made me all emotional about how fast she's growing up. Emma is a mama's girl, and I always feel just how much she needs me when she's scared or confused. Maddy was always so independent and smart and outgoing that she never really showed a "need" for mama. Emma is much more quiet and reserved and will bury her face in my shoulder in her moments of shyness. I LOVE this about her. She melts my heart. Her little curls in the back of her hair are priceless, and her belly laugh gets me every time. She's so different from her older sister, but she tries so hard to be just like her, and I love watching her efforts.

Emma Grace is my silly girl who loves "Pooh" bear and Pablo from Backyardigans. She will eat anything you put in front of her, and she LOVES shoes. And socks. Always wants shoes and socks on. She loves her crib and will sleep forever. She's my snuggly girl and I just can't get enough of her!

I worked from home yesterday so I could take her to the doctor. I also got to pick Maddy up from school. Nice to spend time with them, but hard to be back at work today.

By the way, I am so proud of Maddy at school. The teacher's feedback to us is that Maddy is friends with everybody and likes to play with everyone. My niece (who is in her class) gets upset with Maddy for playing with other kids, and the teachers are trying to encourage Maddy to continue her friendships and for my niece to start playing with other kids too. I love that Maddy is so confident and secure with herself to just play and talk to all the kids!

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