Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, I heard some news...

but it wasn't good. I did not get the job at the Akron hospital. Totally bummed about it, but I understand their reasons.

Now - I am praying really hard that the other hospital works out. The more I learn about them, the more I like about them. The job comes with a lot of baggage, but it presents a HUGE opportunity to show what I am truly capable of... I had the surgeon-in-chief from my previous employer send a recommendation note to the CMO there. He bcc'd me on it, and it brought me to tears. I love physicians. They are such amazing people. The ones that I interviewed last week were wonderful too, so I sincerely hope an offer comes through after the holidays. I know the interview committee cannot all get together until after the holidays, so we'll see.

I know this is all happening for a reason and that He has a plan for me. I'm just praying things work out soon.

This will probably be my last post until after Christmas, so to anyone reading this... Merry Christmas!!! Hugs to you and your family!!

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