Monday, December 22, 2008

The Waiting Game

I am stuck in this waiting mode. Waiting to hear from both hospitals about their decisions, waiting for Christmas to come, waiting for everything to feel normal and good again.... Just waiting.

The interviews went well last week. I got a much better idea of what the job would entail and the people were great. From what I gathered from the HR woman, this job is also between myself and one other candidate.

Oh, please, God, just let me end up where I am supposed to be soon.

The lessons I have learned through this entire experience are immeasurable. I am so... I don't know. Just smarter, I guess. I have learned so many difficult things, and I am certain that this will all end up exactly the way it was meant to be... I just hate waiting for it to happen!!


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meg said...

oh sweetie - we're right there with you! if I have to hear "after the new year..." or "after the first of the year" one more time I'm going postal... Seth's up at his 5 hour interview today... I'll have to tell you about the requirements for this interview soon... you'll see why I'm going crazy instead of relaxing and enjoying the approaching holidays... jeesh! Here's hoping for some good news for all of us SOON!
(happy early bday to Jerry too!)