Monday, December 1, 2008

Internal Angst

I had an incredibly busy week! Wow...

Last Monday, my SIL delivered my handsome new nephew - Julian Robert. He's just precious and a perfectly adorable little boy.

Tuesday Maddy & I went to see the baby and then got our hair cut.

Last week I also had a few more job opportunities pop up, which has led to more scheduled interviews! Woo-hoo! That makes me happy. But, at the same time, this job stuff, as I've said before, is just killing me. I hate the "unknown" and the inability to have anything planned out in my head. It's keeping me up at night.

On Wednesday last week I brought Maddy to work with me. She thought that was pretty cool. She hung out in my office, writing on my marker board and playing with magnets. She drew me some pictures and hung them on the wall. Then, we went down to the cafeteria and had lunch. It was a sweet few hours here before we headed back home.

Thanksgiving was nice. Spent the early afternoon with my family at my grandma's house and then went to Jerry's mom's for the evening. Lots of yummy treats!

Friday was spent as it should be - shopping! Waiting in line for over an hour at Toys R Us. The girls are almost completely done, but I think I bought gifts for like 2 other people on the list!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. It was nice to spend some time at home just hanging out with the girls. They were a little stir crazy by yesterday afternoon though so we took a little trip to my grandma's house for a nice visit and some comfort food :)

Back to work now. Ugh. Bored out of my mind. Just counting the hours until my day is over. I should get some phone calls tomorrow, and then I have an interview on Wednesday afternoon.

I just continually pray that I end up where I am meant to end up... soon! The stress is physically starting to get to me - headaches, nausea, insomnia, depression, just overall edginess. I don't want to spend Christmas feeling this way!

I also have got to get on the ball with Jerry's birthday party! So much to do!!!!

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