Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jobs Update

Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts and prayers. Things seem to be going pretty well. I had my second round of intervews at a great hospital yesterday, and things went well. I interviewed with four people, which was incredibly exhausting, but it was all good. I love the hospital and the people, and I think I would be a great fit for the position. The salary is right and it would be a good growth opportunity for me. I am the first and only one they interviewed, so I have to wait for them to go through the HR process. I met with someone from HR at the end of the day yesterday, and she was really up front. They are going to interview a few other candidates, but I am at the top of pack :) I would LOVE to hear something before the holidays, but I'm not pressing my luck. I know they want to move pretty quickly, as the staff is small and down a few people right now... so continue to pray that things work out the way He has intended for me.

I've had a few other interviews and have some more coming up. I'm extremely grateful that things keep moving/flowing, because the day that they don't is when I will really probably lose it completely!

On another front, I am having some health issues. Gall bladder problems. I ended up at the doctor on Monday after a very bad attack over the weekend. I always knew I'd end up having issues related to my non-veggie/fruit diet, but this episode was the most painful yet. Now, I am on "the purple pill" - Nexium for the next six weeks. I can't eat any red meat for the next five days so that I can do this disgusting stupid stool test. I can't have any caffeine or alcohol until they figure out what is wrong with me. I have to have an ultrasound and blood work done in January. Ugh. Mess. And, of course, this could all just be stress-related. Whatever.

I still have A LOT to do for the holidays. I need to finish making my Christmas cards and send those out. Finish shopping. Start wrapping. Baking. AAAAHHHH! It's so hard to get into the holiday spirit with all this job stress weighing on my shoulders. I really just want a new job for Christmas. It would be such a gift to me and to everyone around me who has to deal with my neurotic reactions to all of this!!!

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meg said...

honey.honey.honey... big.deep.breath.
it's all going to work out!