Monday, January 5, 2009

The Holidays

Where do I begin? The holidays were amazing and magical. Santa was great to my girls this year and their reactions to every gift were priceless. Miss Madeline is ecstatic over her HSM doll house and her new "beauty shop" set-up. Miss Emma LOVES her Fisher Price slide. The other big hit for both of the girls was probably the cheapest gift Santa brought - a SpongeBob snowcone maker. Jer has spent countless hours churning ice cubes into sugary snowcones.

More than the insane amount of toys now overflowing in our house, Christmas was filled with really great family time. We drove around way too much to see everyone, but it was really worth it. My girls are so blessed to have such a big family and they truly love spending time with everyone - from their multitude of great grandmas and aunts and uncles to cousins of every level.

New Year's was extra special this year, as New Year's Day was Jer's 30th birthday. We had a fabulous party with family and friends to celebrate. It was perfect party. Awesome food. A few silly games. Alcohol. Wii. Kids running around crazy and struggling to stay awake at midnight. It was a really wonderful night. I created a slide show of pictures of Jerry with the girls and had it looping on the computer, and it brought tears to a lot of people's eyes, including mine. My hubby is an absolutely amazing daddy, and his girls are completely in love with him (and me too).

So, holidays were great.

Still waiting on job news. The job I now want is a job that I initially thought was not at all the right fit. It's strange, but after several rounds of interviews, I really fell in love with the place and the role. It's a position that would challenge me, provide great growth potential, allow me to really make a difference in the organization and work with some great people. I am pretty sure they will be making a decision this week.... oh, the prayers I have been saying! I am just waiting for that phone call, either way. I must warn you that if I don't get this job, I know that I will personally be in a really bad place. After not getting the other job, this would be an even bigger blow to the self-esteem, and even though I know I am good at what I do... these last few months here haven't been great for me. I haven't been able to really use my talents or make much of an impact, and that really is a hard thing for me. I just want to be "working" again and feel alive at work again and love my job again!

I know all things happen for a reason. I know He has a plan for me. I just need to keep the faith. It will all work out the way it is meant to...

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