Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've decided that job searching/networking/interviewing is much harder and more exhausting than actually having a job. I have this constant 24/7 need to be sitting at the computer, searching job postings, emailing, tweeting, hoping to find something I missed before...

Anyhow, I feel like in the past few weeks things have started to open up a little bit. I've been on a few more interviews and there are a few more postings this week that seem to be a possible fit for me, so we shall see. I've got a fun interview on Thursday already lined up.

I've been networking like a crazy woman, and I feel good about all the connections I've made. I know many of my new friends will be great allies now and in the future... I'm a little amazed at how "small world" Cleveland has started to feel lately.

Oh well, I'm rambling. Not a whole lot to say except the search continues. There is a job I'd LOVE to have at another hospital, and I'm waiting for a phone call. I'm not good at waiting, although I'm getting better at it as the weeks pass by...

I am a bit under the weather. I have a terrible cold/sinus thing going on. Ugh. Both girls have got some version of it as well.

I'm home today with just Em. Maddy had school, so Emma and mommy are having a nice quiet day. She's napping now. I heart her new lip-smacking thing she started doing when she wants to give me a kiss. It's just completely melting me today.

Anyhow, I've got a lot I want to get done while she's sleeping, so I'm off to check some things off my to-do list!

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