Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had an interview yesterday with a hospital system that I would absolutely die to work for... they are growing and strong and a very reputable organization. The job is a perfect fit for me - a strategic communications manager role... aaahh... heaven.

I wish there was some way, aside from the normal things said in my interviews yesterday, that I could convey how passionate I am about health care and about the communications field, in general. Whenever I think about this job, I can just feel all the energy bursting inside. I want this job with my whole heart, but all I can do now is wait for them to call. HR said it would be a week or two... aaaahhh!

In all of the interviews I've been on these last several months, this one felt very different. I had no weird feelings or unusual gut reactions. I LOVED the people I met. I had a lot in common with them. I know a TON of the same people in their circle, and quite frankly, I was just inspired and refreshed in meeting the group.

I know I have posted here before about prayers and wanting particular positions, but this one is right for me. I can feel it in my soul. It's the right level, it's the right type of responsibilities, it's health care and fun people!!!!!!

I just have to wait now, and hope I don't get an ulcer in the meantime.

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