Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

My mom picked up the girls last night for their weekly sleepover, but this time, I won't see them until Sunday! Feels so strange.

Anyhow, the girls are headed to Kalahari today with my mom and Jerry's parents. They are spending the day there together, and then Maddy is spending the night there with Jerry's parents and Jenna. My mom is taking Emma back to her house to sleepover BECAUSE... tomorrow, Jer and I are headed down to Canton, Ohio with friends of ours to watch a Malone College football game (Jer played for Malone) and then we are going to dinner and spending the night out there. I'm looking forward to the night away and to some alcoholic beverages! So - crazy schedule with the girlies, but I think it's all worked out among the grandparents :)

Sunday I will going out to get a manicure. I have two interviews next week. Wish me luck! Although, I don't think either of them is going to be quite the right fit, it will be great networking and conversation - one place, I know, is not going to be able to pay me enough and the other position isn't really right, but my contact wants to meet for breakfast and discuss opportunities anyhow, so it could turn into something... we'll see. There is another job that I am hoping to at least get an interview for that seems to sound like a better fit - I'm working contacts there left and right... we'll see.

I just want to vent a little about this job stuff... I am a control freak, obsessive planner by nature, and when things are unsettled and out of my control, I am a mess. So, I am a mess. I'm freaked out and worried about not having a job - biggest nightmare is if there comes a day when I'm not getting a paycheck - things would get ugly pretty fast. So, what do you think I do all day long? Obsessively look for postings. I know that I have applied/responded to ANYTHING that could work, but I'm still afraid I'm missing something, so I'll check repeatedly over and over all day. I have stayed away from sending anything to agencies - that's not a path I want to take at this point in time - and, I'm aiming high and hoping my resume is strong enough to get in the door at places I would like to work. I've had a few contacts call and tell me how impressed they are with my resume, and I have people coming out of the woodwork willing to make calls for me - that is what is getting me through these days. I just want to have things settled and figured out, so I can adjust my "life plan" accordingly. I wish HR people worked on my time zone! Ha!

Enough about that... something else fun to discuss - I think I am getting a new car tonight. Jerry is wheeling and dealing as we speak. A 2008 Dodge Avenger - deep water blue. I'm expecting a call from Jer any minute now to update me on what's going down. He's incredibly smart about these things and has done his homework. We drove the cars last night, and ultimately decided to go with the 08 because we can get the V6 cheaper than if we get the 09 in a 4 cylinder... I don't know. All kinds of discounts and rebates and dealing going on. All I know is Jerry about peed his pants when he got them down to a payment that was even lower than he ever went in there expecting. Now, he's just trying to get all the financing and stuff figured out. Jerry lives for this and I HATE this stuff - wheeling and dealing. I just pick out the color :) I'm also excited about this thing it has called UConnect, which is basically bluetooth built into the car.

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