Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Chaos

I voted this morning. I have the sticker to prove that I stood in line for an hour and witnessed the most chaotic display of leadership I have ever seen. There was the usual precinct confusion; however, what made it the worst experience for everyone was the woman who was "in charge" of our voting location. She did nothing but stand there and give out stickers. Once things started to get out of hand and the volunteers realized their room set-up wasn't really working, she didn't want to hear it, and had this "too bad" attitude. They had two lines for the two precincts voting at this location, but nobody to help those who didn't know which precinct they were in (which was about 2/3 of the people in line). And so, you had people waiting in the wrong line for a long time and then being sent to the back of the other line, and were they ever PISSED off. And then, once you got inside the door, they had the tables for the two precincts in weird locations in the room - to the point where there was this big cluster of people standing in the middle of the room waiting for an open voting machine while trying to snake around and through the precinct 3E line. There were a bunch of volunteers standing around turning a blind eye too - because line control wasn't their job. It was insane and people were getting so angry.

I got there at 6:45 a.m. and I left at 7:45 a.m. Just happy I got to cast my vote, and mildly amused at how unorganized the whole thing was, given they only had like 4 years notice that a presidential election was coming! Ha! And, I felt really sorry for the lady running the Girl Scouts bake sale that everyone thought was an election worker - she heard a lot of complaints that were really harsh, and all she was trying to do was provide coffee and snacks for a donation!

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