Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's been a crazy couple of weeks! The MedCity News cornhole tournament was last week, and I was completely swamped in details for that...

Back in the office today for the first time in nearly a week. Lots of things going on with work and at home. Trying hard not to get too stressed out b/c I don't want to end up getting sick!

Just a few things of note:
1. Zhu Zhu pets are going to take over the world! Already sold out everywhere, I can't imagine the chaos they will cause come Christmas. Thank goodness my girls already have all four available hamsters and sets! Now, if we could get our hands on some clothes for the hamsters, we'd be all set!

2. Took myself off of the BCP. I was on it to treat my migraines and PMDD. I just hate the way it makes me feel. Taking a break for a while. Hopefully I can manage the symptoms on my own. Have a headache now, but pretty sure it's cuz I've had no caffeine today - another thing I'm trying to avoid.

3. Totally feeling the need to start exercising again and lose the weight that this past year has caused me to gain... ordered Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD today. I think I can squeeze in a 30 minute work-out in the a.m. before work. Wish me luck! (Said feeling has probably been caused by jeans shopping over the weekend... oh how I wish I was a little bit taller)

4. Met Maddy's preschool teacher yesterday. Very ready for her to start school next week. She's definitely going to learn a lot this year!

5. My work schedule for the next couple of weeks is getting out of control. Cornhole event was fabulous, but now my real work begins. I really want to close a couple of deals as a result of the cash we blew on the event... My life working for a start-up is never boring :)

6. My blackberry is being retarded today. It won't let me open my address book - it just freezes up. ANNOYING!!

That's it for now. Tomorrow's post will focus on the dentist and the hell it's been for my Maddy.

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