Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday's List

Here we go. Today, I'm thinking about:

1. What am I going to wear tonight? Going out with the neighbors to a bar/pub. I'm thinking jeans and my fav black flip-flops, but I'm not sure about a shirt...??
2. Will I be able to find what I want to wear in the giant pile of clean clothes that fills my extra bedroom? Hmm.... should probably put that all away sometime this century.
3. I need an intern. So happy to be talking to someone from NOCHE tomorrow!
4. I have to wake up early for the third day in a row tomorrow! Damn breakfast meetings.
5. Should I go through the mess of creating a "media kit" for the company?
6. Hoping hubby doesn't flip out when the credit card bill comes this month... which will be any day now, perhaps even today.
7. I NEED to put in the July stamping order this week. Damn all those ladies who haven't placed their orders yet!!! I hate harassing them.

That's it for now.

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